Help your business make better connections​

With a single tap, you can connect your team to your customers!

A scanning experience proven to increase engagement

The instantaneous method of sharing commercial information in the modern era. Your contact information is instantaneously sent to the recipient’s smartphone when you tap one of our devices on it or scan the QR code with your device.

NFC business cards offer much more than just the standard contact details. You can point customers to exclusive information on your company website using a customized URLs.

You can also share:

  • Biolink Pages
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Events Signups
  • Much More

Our TAP'N Features

The little business card leaves a great impression with one of our gadgets! The digital business card seamlessly integrates into your business communications thanks to the potential content. The material of the contemporary digital business card is enormous. While the communication of contact information on paper business cards was formerly the finest option, the transfer of material via our gadgets now goes far further. At the same time, your contacts access more content. Links allow for the sharing of appointment schedules and the directing of clients to current promotions.

Suitable for all devices

No app necessary

Social media link

No monthly costs

Contact Information

Integrated QR code



NFC connection



Profile description

Publish Products

Personal Link

Include appointment calendar

Password Protection

Eco Friendly




The all-in-one business card for future-oriented companies

Your customers will always know where to find you on social media thanks to the digital business card. Even your instructional films and checklists won’t go lost anymore. A digital business card has replaced the little business card that frequently ended up in the trash, and NFC is now used as a marketing tool.

Get TAP'N for your Business or Team!

✓ Make digital business cards for your entire company or team.
✓ Manage all of your employees’ devices.
✓ Change any device’s link with ease.
✓ With a simple tap or link sharing, you can exchange any information.
✓ Reduce your carbon footprint.
✓ Increased your network, customers, and sales.
✓ Your own logo or design
✓ Download contact details (1 click)
✓ Compatible with Android and iPhones
✓ Pictures, videos, links, documents, calendars and much more
✓ No app required

✓ 2 seconds to share your details
✓ Update your details whenever you want
✓ Share contact details via NFC, QR code, email or link

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