How do I re-program my device?

How do I re-program my device?

31 Dec, 2020 1448 Device Customizing
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Now in days, there are multiple sites out there that can provide the same service that TAPN.ME provides. 

  1. Download NFC Tools App on your phone.
  2. Open NFC Tools
  3. Click on Write
  4. Click Custom URL/URI
  5. Type in the desired URL you want your device to navigate to
  6. Click OK
  7. Click on Write
  8. Place your device close to your phones NFC reader/writter.

Your device would no be assigned the link you provided when tapped. 

NOTE: This will not change the QR Link/Image on your device. If your device has a QR Image and you want to point your device to a 3rd party URL, use the Leap Link URL feature in TAPN.ME. Click Here to visit our Knowledge Base.


Updated - 03/2021